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Alarm Batteries for Home Safety

by Michael Hargrove Posted on April 11, 2006

In a home, safety is a number one concern. Alarm systems help to ease the mind of home owners and business owners alike. Quality alarm batteries are crucial to keeping an alarm system fully functional. There are many brands of alarm system and many battery types.

Powersonic is one of the top providing brands of alarm system batteries. They manufacture sealed lead acid batteries that are ideal for any alarm of fire system battery. But they also manufacture a great number of other types of batteries suited for alarm systems.

Alarm batteries are not only sealed lead acid batteries. Many types used NiCad or NiMH batteries and battery chargers. These types vary greatly depending on type of alarm system so it is important to be familiar with all specifications including dimensions and voltage.

Most alarm systems use batteries only for backup power during an outage or power surge. Alarm systems are generally wired to the buildings electrical system for a main power source. It is important to have the wiring and installation done by a professional to avoid electrical problems that could result in shock or fire.

Check alarm batteries frequently to make sure they are fully functional. Read individual model manuals for instruction as to how to check battery, what type of battery to use, and the life of the alarm battery. Feeling safe in the home is one of the most important steps to having a happy home. Protect you and your family with the best alarm systems and alarm batteries.

This article was written by Michael Hargrove for, a retail and wholesale provider of all types of batteries and battery chargers. Visit the site for a full selection of alarm batteries at

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