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Optima Batteries. Spiral Sealed Lead Acid Battery Technology

by Michael Hargrove Posted on April 11, 2006

Optima’s Spiral sealed lead acid batteries are available for a wide range of automotive equipment. Optima manufactures deep cycle batteries for automotive, marine and truck. When purchasing batteries it is important to know the specifications of the battery you need. There are a great number of optima batteries.

Optima batteries are a specialized type of battery know as absorbent glass mat, or AGM. In AGM batteries, electrolyte is absorbed by plates of fiberglass, and makes the battery sealed, and maintenance free. In the Optima battery, the mats are spiral which helps to relieve pressure of the mats and makes the battery more powerful.

Different types. Optima batteries are large batteries that are used for a number of high powered machines. They provide a strong and clean power source that helps batteries to last longer and be more effective in deep cycle start ups. There are 12v or 6v batteries depending on the type of equipment.

Optima’s Spiral sealed acid technology is a great and safe alternative in battery technology. When the battery is purchased it may be shipped normally, and there is no need to add electrolyte. Optima batteries are also safer than “spillable” batteries because they can be placed in any manner as opposed to being kept upright.

The Optima is truly an all around low maintenance battery. Beyond the fact it requires no activation, it is also composed of the best corrosion free components. Optima batteries also withstand higher temperatures, which allows them to last longer than traditional batteries. And the safety and functionality of the Optima battery is available for all types of machinery, whether it is auto, marine, or truck.

This article was written by Michael Hargrove for, a retail and wholesale provider of all types of batteries and battery chargers. Visit the site for a full selection of Optima Batteries at

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