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Panasonic Batteries

by Angela Oliver Posted on April 11, 2006

Panasonic makes a variety of dry AGM rechargeable batteries for all types of needs. Panasonic manufactures a wide range, for any portable electronic or device needs. When shopping for replacement batteries for anything from small hand held electronics to automotives, Panasonic is a excellent choice for batteries.

Panasonic is a manufacturer of numerous battery types.12 and 6V batteries are used for heavy machinery, automotives, or marine power supplies. 4 and 8 volt batteries are used for a number of things that may require less power like digital cameras and other hand held devices. Panasonic's AGM batteries may be used in a variety of things such as wheelchairs, emergency lighting, small engines, and starters.

Panasonic is known for their qualities batteries that will last a lifetime. Panasonic batteries have a number of protective qualities. All batteries are manufactured with resistance to things such as overcharge, improper discharge, vibration, shock, and varying storage conditions. This is very important for batteries that are not used frequently and need to be ready on demand.

Panasonic batteries vary greatly in price because there are many different types of batteries. Depending, price can range anywhere from $50 to $400. It all depends on the technology of the battery and what it is being used for. Smaller batteries for things like handheld electronics require less power and are generally less expensive. Higher voltage batteries for auto, marine, or other equipment are much larger, heavier, and more costly.

Panasonic batteries are a one stop shop for all battery needs. When purchasing Panasonic batteries, consumers can be certain they have purchased a dependable battery that can be relied on for any type of equipment.

This article was written by Angela Oliver for, a retail and wholesale provider of all types of batteries and battery chargers. Visit the site for a full selection of Panasonic Batteries at 6

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