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Voom through Dish Network

by Stephanie Tuia Posted on October 10, 2005

In earlier decades, cable television was an added incentive to America’s households. Now, it’s considered more of a mainstream commodity. While current technology is continually advancing, television’s development has closely followed suit. Further, cable television has reached some fierce competition. Today, high-definition television satisfies millions of customers daily with its clear, lifelike pictures and surround sound. Specifically, Voom through Dish Network will give you a reason to why you may never go back to cable television again.

Available only through the Dish Network, Voom features a wide collection of channels that will pique your individual taste and interests, all at the click of your remote. Forget that you’re in a movie theater and realize you’re in the comforts of your home, watching television through the advantage of Voom. Here are some channel highlights on what you can look forward to when you become a Voom subscriber.

The Majestic HD- Watch timeless movies as The Majestic HD captures Hollywood classics featuring your favorite movie stars.

Equator HD-Travel to exotic places, explore different cultures, discover rare and wild animals and observe beautiful landscapes all around the world with Equator HD.

Monsters HD-Halloween may be a one-month festivity, but Voom celebrates spooky entertainment with Monsters HD all year around.

Rave HD- Relive your favorite artist’s concert or enjoy backstage access of world concerts featuring top artists like Sheryl Crow, Tori Amos and Peter Gabriel.

Ultra HD- Receive fashion tips from some of the world’s renowned make up artists or get a front row seat to New York runway shows when Ultra HD exposes you to the fashion world.

Gallery HD- Whether its modern-day masterpieces to historical art, follow a tour guide around to a collection of art museums around the world.

Animania HD-From the familiar Pink Panther and Felix the Cat to the new Rapido or Smiley, Animania HD entertains young children and the children at heart through a playful, colorful display of cartoon animation.

Overall, Voom features over 35 variety channels, boasting the widest range in HDTV programming. For your viewing pleasures, let Voom through Dish Network enhance your television viewing.

Stephanie Tuia

To find out how you can get Voom through the Dish Network, contact them toll-free at 1-866-556-0842 or visit for more information.

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